Wednesday, March 02, 2011

jokes in Rush Hour 3

old man : may i help u?

carter : we'll be asking the question, old man. WHO R U?

old man : you.

carter : no not me, YOU!

old man : yes, im you.

carter : just answer the damn question, WHO ARE YOU??

old man : i have told you!

carter : are u deaf?

old man : no, u is blind.

carter : im not blind, u blind.

old man : that is what i just said.

carter : u just said what?

old man : i did not say what, i say you.

carter : thats what im asking you.

old man : and you is answering!

carter : shut up! You?

old man : yes?

carter : no u, HIM! what his name?

man 1 : me?

carter : yes u.

man 1 : i am me.

old man : he's me, and im you.

carter : and im gonna whoop your old ass man, cause im sick of playin games! you! me! everybody's ass around here. HIM! im gonna kick his ass, cause he's to damn big!

Then, Lee interrupt. :)


Dah baca? like ea. jgn lupa TICK au. muahx :*

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