Sunday, April 17, 2011

What would you feel..?

what would you feel if two of your BEST FRIENDS were talking shit about you?

is that BEST? of should i plus with FRIEND?

they dont even know my condition.
i have my own problems okay?
i didn't mean to make both of you hate me.
both of you hate me by talking shit about me.
and you think i like it? huhh?

is that the way they act when they want to make me hurt?
they talk shit about me and let me see it clearly.

we fight, because of both of you. dont blame me if i say this :

im sorry, but im not your bestfriend anymore.
and forget me as your friend.

im sick of both of you.

if you say im misunderstanding, i dont care.
we're nothing now.

Ashaa .

Dah baca? like ea. jgn lupa TICK au. muahx :*

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